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- Control 64 Cameras
- Control 32 Monitors
- 3 Video Bay Unit can be connected,
  Max. 256 Cameras controlled
- Can be operated by DCK-255, DCK-500B
- Built-in Alarm Interlocking device
- Direct connection with PC or DVR with
  built-in RS-232 Port
- 64 Camera input bay
- This unit can be extended up to 3units
- With exclusive processing chip for
  video, The best quality video signal can
  be Displayed
- Address of each unit can be set at
  userí»s Option
- Camera input: BNC
- Extension in/out: 40pin connector
- Communication: camera control
- Color, B/W can be processed
- 2 Monitors output
- This unit can be inserted into DMX-25632
- Built-in character I/D, TIME
- 293(W) x 187(H)mm
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